A Thousand (or Thirty) Thanks

by kristendom on November 20, 2012

If you’re on Facebook, you might have noticed that the current trend is to recognize what you’re thankful for every day during November. I don’t have the commitment to do this, so I thought I’d do a bunch of thanks all in one place. For those who are sick of the “30 days of thanks” posts, have heart – I think even you will find some entertainment value in this post.

1 – I’m thankful for my family, duh. This sort-of goes without saying, but I’m not going to not say it – I’m just that thankful for them.

2 – I’m thankful for old friends – friends from college who are still in my daily life, who have been there through thick and thin, and who still manage to put up with me.

3 – I’m thankful for new friends – friends from the interwebs, both near and far. I am a better person because of them.

4 – I’m thankful for friends in-between – not quite college, not quite new – these are friends from the last several years who have become an extraordinarily important part of my life.

5 – I’m thankful for Wonder Woman. Again, because duh.

6 – I’m thankful for the interwebs – see number 3 above.

7 – I’m thankful for books, books and books. And a few more books.

8 – I’m thankful for Buffy the Vampire Slayer. It is most excellent.

9 – I’m thankful for hot showers.

10 – I’m thankful for 6-year-old humor. Except for fart humor – I’ve never appreciated that nearly enough, according to just about everyone I know.

11 – I’m also thankful for 13-year-old boy humor, which is now a part of my daily existence.

12 – I’m thankful for the ability to blog and share my life and experiences.

13 – I’m thankful for antidepressants. And wine. Not necessarily in that order.

14 – I’m thankful for cute shoes.

15 – I’m thankful for music – really, really good music – the kind that makes you sing along loudly with the windows down or dance around the house when you’re by yourself.

16 – I’m thankful for cheesecake.

17 – I’m thankful for not having gone to the hospital since the first day of this year.

18 – I’m thankful for jeans. I really love jeans.

19 – I’m thankful I’ve recently re-discovered letter writing.

20 – Did I mention the wine?

21 – I’m thankful for the ability to swim and bike and run – not necessarily very fast or very long at this point, but I can do a little of each, and that’s a start.

22 – I’m thankful for my iPhone and my MacBook Air. I love these things with a love that is slightly wrong.

23 – I’m thankful for a roof over my head – and a house I kinda like, even if I wish I had a better tub to relax in at night.

24 – I’m thankful for vacation time.

25 – I’m thankful for health insurance.

26 – I’m thankful for the right to vote. And that the vote went the way I wanted.

27 – I’m thankful for books. Wait, did I say that already?

28 – I’m thankful for the ability to drop off to sleep at a moment’s notice. It’s not always that easy, but when it is, it’s awesome.

29 – I’m thankful for people who teach me new things about myself. It doesn’t happen all that often, but when it does, it’s pretty damn entertaining.

30 – I’m thankful I had no problem coming up with 30 things for which I’m thankful. Oh fine, I cheated on a couple of them, but it was still ridiculously easy.

Coming up next, my wish list for things I want for Christmas.

Seriously, though, what is it you’re thankful for this year? Is it easy for you to give thanks?

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