Deck the Halls

by kristendom on November 27, 2012

About six or seven years ago, Sean and I forewent Christmas presents for each other and pooled our money to get a decent tree for our living room with the vaulted ceiling. We ended up with a 9-foot, pre-lit, gorgeous tree. And until last year, I absolutely adored this tree. And then my partner injured his arm – two years in a row – and I ended up having to drag this monster from our crawl space and set it up mostly by myself. Once I get the damn thing set up, I don’t even feel like decorating it.

Unfortunately for me, once I get it set up, that’s exactly when Aedan starts to get excited about hanging the ornaments. And by excited, I mean ape-shit crazy excited. “Mom, Mom, is it time to hang the ornaments yet? Can I get out the ornaments? When do we do the ornaments?!?!” So then we get the ornaments out and allow him to start decorating the tree.

And then comes the awesomeness of trying to convince him that no, you shouldn’t hang all of the ornaments in a 6-inch radius on a 9-foot tree. Yes, I know it makes it super sparkly, but you have to spread them out a bit. No, they don’t all go on the bottom of the tree. And no, we can’t set up the train directly underfoot while we’re still trying to decorate the tree.

God love the little squirt – I know he’s just so darn excited about Christmas. But damn if I’m not exhausted after two nights of tree-decorating in a row. Thank goodness we’re finished.


  • Cindy

    Ahhhh the phrase “ape-shit crazy” is a great descriptor for the little pals this time of year. So glad Aedan is so excited and the tree is beautiful!

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