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by kristendom on December 13, 2012

This month, I will be participating yet again in a round of Reverb Broads, a blogging project that my good friend Kassie and I started a year ago. If you’re a blogger (or are thinking of becoming one), please join us! Otherwise, get ready to enjoy some random posts!

This prompt from Sarah is particularly apropos right now - If you had a magic wand and could change one thing about your life right now, what would it be and why?

For those of you that have followed my blog for awhile, you know that the past year or so has been fraught with both emotional upheaval and physical. In talking to my doctor, one of her most frequent questions has been to ask about my stress level – and one of my most frequent answers is, “high, higher, highest.” And let’s be honest, it’s not because of my family life that it’s been that way.

There are plenty of people who can do my job, who in fact currently do a job amazingly similar to mine, and who manage their stress just fine. Unfortunately, I’m not one of them. Every parent that calls, every facilities issue that arises, every staff member I piss off, those all come home with me. Sean would always try to tell me that some day I’d learn to let it roll off my back, but three years in, and I still suck at that particular skill. It all sticks, and I take it all personally, no matter how hard I try to let it go.

So it is with both a bit of sadness and quite a bit of excitement that I will be moving onto a new position come January. I got into housing for a reason – a love of students and a love of that particular area. I’m getting out of it for a love of myself and my family. In January, I will be taking a position that combines a couple of my greatest passions – technology and student affairs – as a website coordinator splitting time between our communications division and our student affairs division. If you had asked me to create a dream job, I’m not sure I could have done better for myself, so to say I’m excited is probably understating it a bit. I mean, people, I get to spend time training myself and others on how to do more with websites – does it get any geekier? (And by geekier, I mean better).

Going back to the original prompt – what would you change about your life and why – I think I’ve done it already. Sure, there will be adjustments to make and things I will miss. But I am more than ready for this next venture and excited for what the future holds.

  • Jane Tuttl

    Congratulations and how wonderful that you don’t have to move to have that dream job. I don’t think our other higher ed colleagues understand how stressful being responsible for student’s welfare can be. Our business colleagues have stress, but I’m not so sure that the others feel this overwhelming responsibility for student welfare. May your holidays be stress-free.

    • http://kristendomblogs.com/ Kristen Abell

      Thanks for your kind comment, Jane. You are spot on – it’s different being responsible for administration than a student’s life or safety. Both are important to the functioning of the university, but I believe they take different tolls. I’m ready to participate in other ways :-). Thanks again!

  • Leslie McMahon

    Yay, Kristen! Less stress is better. You’ve probably already felt a difference just knowing such a positive change awaits you.

  • http://twitter.com/_SueCaulfield Sue

    Kristen – I have finally gotten around to checkin’ out your “inter-space” and I am super happy that I did. I admire the authenticity that this space brings – it’s pretty inspiring. I wanted to say congratulations, cheers to a calmer (?) future, and thanks for letting us in.

    • http://kristendomblogs.com/ Kristen Abell

      Sue, thanks so much for your kind comments. And thanks for checking out the blog!

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