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by kristendom on December 27, 2012

I just completed the winter 2012 round of 7 Days, the self-portrait photo group I’m a member of on Flickr. Since it ran through the Christmas holiday, there are a few shots involving our celebrations, presents, or winding down. I thought I’d share a little bit of the holiday with y’all.

First of all, I forgot 7 Days started on the 21st, so my first shot is fairly lame. Although as someone pointed out, there’s only so lame a photo can be with an iPhone case as cool as mine.


Sean’s mom (and her dog) came to stay with us for a few days, though she didn’t arrive until Saturday morning instead of her original arrival time of Thursday. Her dog was freaking adorable, if a bit pesky. She was about a third of the size of our dog, Sammy, and she kept trying to nip at or bark at Sammy, causing many dog tussles and lots of growling in our house over the next several days.

We tried dinner at a few different restaurants on Saturday night, but apparently everyone else had the same idea, so we went for the shortest wait at a local fried chicken joint. Said fried chicken joint provides more than enough food to feed a troop of teenage boys, so we had plenty of leftovers, of which I don’t think we ate any.


Sunday was spent picking up a couple last items for the big holiday and in a leisurely lunch and nap time for me – I’m not really sure what everyone else was doing during that time. Oops.


Do I have the sweetest little boy or what?

For Christmas Eve, we joined Sean’s family for a spread of appetizers and the first round of opening presents. The kid made out great with a Nintendo 3DS – which has occupied a decent amount of time since that evening. His teenage cousins also made sure he made out with some Avengers Lego sets – out of their own pockets. Yeah, they’re pretty great kids.I also made out with a new Coach purse from the MiL – thank you very much. Do they know me, or do they know me?

Xmas Eve

I played bells at midnight mass, which required dressing up to get in the spirit (with my personal touches of fishnet tights and motorcycle boots, of course). Unfortunately, dressing up did not imbue me with extra energy, so it was rather difficult staying awake at parts – especially now that a good portion of the mass is chanted instead of spoken. But the bells sounded great, as did the choir.

Christmas morning was everything we could have asked – our little boy thrilled to death that Santa had visited, pleased as punch with everything he got, and only one slip (by Sean) that almost spoiled the whole Santa story. Oh, and a Tiffany bracelet to top it all off (thanks to Megan for taking care of me). We spent some time enjoying presents and just hanging out, then got ready to head over to my mom’s for Christmas with the rest of my family. Christmas there was everything we could have expected – chaotic, noisy, cheerful and exhausting.

I Need a...

Luckily, a glass of wine and a book were calling my name when I got home.

For the first time in a couple of years, I took the week off, so we got to enjoy some family time the day after Christmas. This involved lots of video games, reading, and Legos, of course.


So I might have had more fun with the Legos than Aedan.

We are just glad to be in our own home with the people we love most this year, especially glad none of us are in the hospital, and ready to enjoy a few more days of vacation together. Happy holidays, everyone!


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