Olympic Sleeping

by kristendom on December 11, 2012

This month, I will be participating yet again in a round of Reverb Broads, a blogging project that my good friend Kassie and I started a year ago. If you’re a blogger (or are thinking of becoming one), please join us! Otherwise, get ready to enjoy some random posts!

Today’s prompt brought to you by KateWhat are your top three strengths and how do you use them (at work, at home, at play)? 

I kind-of love this prompt, in that it’s getting me to think positively about myself on a day that has been not-so-positive in other ways. So what are my top three strengths?

1. Analysis – And I don’t mean statistical analysis, or even psycho-analysis (although it’s closer to the latter than the former). Something I have always been good at is taking a look at the big picture, figuring out the pieces that fit (or don’t fit), seeing the patterns in my and other’s lives. This frequently sounds something like this, “I wonder if she acts that way because…,” “You shouldn’t expend so much energy when he does the same thing every time,” or possibly even “I bet they will do x, y, or z the next time.” There’s a good chance this drives people around me (ahem, Sean) crazy, but it also helps them get a broader glimpse at the situation, so I like to think they don’t hate it, either. Oh, and I should clarify – this is only a strength when used for good and not harm, and when used on others and not myself. It matters not that I can tell someone is going to hurt me every time I let them in – I’m still gonna let them in if they say the right thing at the right time.

2. Writing – At least, I like to think that writing is a strength of mine. I certainly enjoy doing it, and I believe a number of folks enjoy reading it, so we’re going to call it a strength. This blog has helped me find a voice in a way many of my other writing projects didn’t. In fact, it’s likely that I will struggle writing in any other voice again (academic journals? Do they allow sarcasm in those?). Some day I hope to channel all this writing energy and talent into a book, and I’ve got a few starts to flesh out – just give me the time.

3. Sleeping – No, really, if anyone in the history of the world rocked at sleeping, it would be me. Just ask Sean – he tells people how amazing I am at sleeping all the time. I can be having a deep and intellectual conversation one minute, the next, I’m out like a light. I can take a two-hour nap at 5 p.m. and still go to bed by nine. Seriously, if they made a movie about sleep, I could totally be the star. Or about Wonder Woman, of course. And now I’m going to go practice this strength some…

What are your top three strengths?

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