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by kristendom on December 26, 2012

This month, I will be participating yet again in a round of Reverb Broads, a blogging project that my good friend Kassie and I started a year ago. If you’re a blogger (or are thinking of becoming one), please join us! Otherwise, get ready to enjoy some random posts!

This prompt by Kate has me thinking about what I should be adding to my life during the next year - What is something you wish you could devote more time to?

One of the main things I want to add more time to is learning – but I think that my new job is likely to make that path a little easier for me. And since I’ve already written about that, I thought I’d focus on something else.

I think what I really want to spend more time on is helping others. Between random nights of work, Sean’s nighttime schedule, having a six-year-old, and just general everyday craziness, volunteering has fallen to the wayside in our lives. Even though I’ve looked at the occasional volunteer opportunity, I haven’t committed to anything just yet. But this year, when I will no longer be working nights, when my stress level is decreased and my health is (hopefully) better, I think it’s time to feed the part of me that thrives on helping others.

This may or may not take the shape of a steady volunteer gig. Maybe it will just be doing some things here and there – baking cookies for folks, donating books and clothes instead of selling them, taking part in service days, etc. Or maybe I’ll find a volunteer gig that works better with my schedule and do something steady. If possible, I’d like to try and do something with Aedan and Sean, something to instill that sense of service to others in our son and live the ideals we espouse in our family (suggestions welcome, if you know of opportunities in which a 6-year-old can participate). But at the very least, I’m going to do something and role model for my son.

If you could devote more time to one thing, what would it be? What will you do to change that in the coming year?

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