Is There Homework in College?

by kristendom on January 7, 2013

The other day, Aedan started questioning Sean and me about college. Since he knows we both work at a college, he is generally intrigued by this magical place that he might someday go. The conversation went something like this…

Aedan: Dad, is there homework in college?
Sean: Yes. About 2 – 3 hours a day.
Aedan: 2 – 3 hours a day?! I don’t know if I want to go there.

Aedan: Can you bring iPads?
Sean: Yes.

Aedan: Can you watch shows?
Sean: Yes.
Aedan: Can you watch your own shows?
Sean: Yes.
Aedan: Do they have TVs?
Sean: Well, usually you bring your own TV.
Aedan: You mean I get my own TV? Yes!

Aedan: Can you bring your pet?
Sean: No.
Aedan: I have to leave Sammy at home?

Aedan: Can you bring your lunch?
Sean: Well, there’s like a restaurant there that serves lots of different things. So if you don’t want anything else they have, you can have cereal, like your daddy did.
Aedan: And do they always have the same things?
Sean: No, it changes every day.
Aedan: That sounds like the coolest. Place. Ever. I can’t wait to go!

Aedan: Do they have show and tell?
Me: Pretty much all the time.

Aedan: Can you bring things, like toys to college?

Aedan: Can you sleep with people there?
Sean: Well, you usually share a room with a roommate who sleeps in there with you.
Aedan: Is it like a sleepover?
Sean: For 4 years.
Aedan: For 4 years?!
Sean: Well, ideally. Some people are there for 5 or 6.
Aedan: I totally want to be there for 6. (Note: Aedan originally said 5, but when reading this over, he asked me to change it to 6).

Aedan: What happens if you get sick there?
Me: You go to the doctor there.
Aedan: They have doctors there?!
Me: Yes.
Aedan: Awesome! (Note: I’m not sure why this particular piece of information was so exciting for a 6-year-old. Then again, in our house, access to doctors is pretty much a necessary evil).

Aedan: Can you bring your parents there?
Me: No. Absolutely not. A million times no.

Aedan: Do they have teachers?
Me: Yes.
Aedan: Awesome!

Aedan: I’m not gonna bring a fish. You know why? Who’s gonna take care of it if I get sick?
Can you bring random Legos?
If you’re sick can you bring whatever you need to college?
If you don’t like anything they have not even cereal, can you bring your own food?
If you make something there, can you bring it home or do you have to leave it there? Do they sometimes want you to leave it there if it’s awesome?
Can you bring your clothes or do they have clothes there?

Let’s just say we’re well on our way to having an 18-year-old in our house.

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