Kristendom by the Numbers: 2012

by kristendom on January 1, 2013

I was just looking through a few of my online postings and sites, and I thought it might be kind-of fun to figure out what all I’ve been doing this year purely by the numbers. Um, or at least it will be fun for me. And maybe those of my readers who have an interest in what I’ve been up to when I’m not blogging (or even when I am blogging). So here’s a little bit of Kristendom’s 2012 in review:

Blog posts written for this blog: 116 – I have a lot to say. Too bad I can’t get paid for this gig.

Blog posts written for other blogs/Guest posts: 46 – so 162 posts total. Seriously, if I put this much energy into writing books, I’d have at least a novel or two done by now (see below).

Books read: 106 – down 10 from last year. Guess that whole “reading less books” thing I was gonna do was only slightly achieved.

Pages written for various books: 4 – hey, it’s a start. A slow start, but a start nonetheless.

Presentations given: 2 – both workshops, and both at the request of the conference committee. I like to think of it as a step in the right direction.

Times my picture was in a conference program: Twice (in the same program, that is)

Cross-stitch pieces completed: 0 – didn’t quite make that goal. Oops.

Kids I was raising: 1 incredibly entertaining 6-year-old (co-raising, to be fair). And one extremely spoiled little dog.

Twitter friends I got to know much better this year: too many to count. Yay for Twitter!

New jobs accepted: 1 – which I start on Monday and couldn’t be more excited.

Hospitals visited in 2012: Except for checking out of one on January 1st, that number is a big ol’ goose egg. Let’s celebrate that one, baby!

Phew – that was quite a year. And I think we’ll see more fun in 2013, if the end of 2012 is any predictor.

What were you up to in 2012?

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