Simplifying the Junk Drawer

by kristendom on January 15, 2013



This is one of the two junk drawers we have in our kitchen. I’m pretty sure I’ve cleaned this out one or two times before – obviously I did a good job since it’s back to this state. So I decided it was time to tackle both drawers and simplify those suckers. This is more difficult than you’d think with Sean being the handyman and the chef – and therefore using these drawers more than me. You’ll notice there’s an assortment of tools, kitchen utensils, and miscellaneous other items – as is frequently the case with junk drawers. The drawer over looks pretty similar to this one (I forgot to take a picture of it before cleaning – just imagine a similar state of disarray and crap).



To be honest, there’s probably a bit more cleaning and trashing I could/need to do, but this is a decent start. I went to Target last weekend and got six different containers – three for each drawer – and then I sorted. Each drawer took all of ten minutes. Why did I wait so long to do this again?

Now what to simplify next?

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